No company, large or small is immune to the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

by admin on September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010.  Fontana, CA-  As we are now aware, Chrysler has terminated 13 employees and suspended 2 for drinking on company time.  It was very easy to catch the employees, as they darted directly to the liquor store on their 30 minute break, bought alcohol then proceeded to a nearby park to drink the newly purchased booze.

What does this tell us?  The size of the company does not matter.  It could be a small mom and pop company with a handful of employees, or someone as big as Chrysler with 50,000 plus employees.

The most valuable part of this is that the union, as powerful as they are, could do nothing.  The policy states, drinking and drugs are prohibited.  There is no gray area to this policy.  Good job Chrysler for following the policy and terminating the employees.

This could have been a huge liability for Chrysler should one of them been injured, or worse, if they injured another employee.  Besides, do you want your Jeep Cherokee that is supposed to protect your family built by an employee who was drunk or on drugs?

When one puts into prospective all the potential liabilities that could have been produced by something as simple as alcohol on a break- it is mind-boggling.  Not only does this tarnish the reputation of the employees, the company, but it also has an effect on shareholders.

This is exactly why it is so important to have a Drug Free Workplace policy in place and the random and reasonable suspicion drug testing that goes along with the policy as a complete package.  There cannot be enough stress on the liabilities that businesses have to protect themselves from each and every day.  Chrysler was prepared, had a policy in place, and terminated potential huge liabilities, lawsuits, and stockholders losing millions of their dollars in investments.

click HERE for the article about the termination of the Chrysler employees.

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